About Us

Professional. Passionate. Trustworthy.

As a woman raised and born in the construction business family background, Zillo Refinishing is a company that started as a family-owned business to cater to all families and individuals who are on the lookout for the highest standard of services.Working with the 3rd largest drywall and painting contractor in Illinois, our ultimate goal is to take Zillo Refinishing to the top through our expertise and proficiency.

We always keep your needs and requirements at the forefront.

Zillo Refinishing is a premium option for all your painting and construction needs. We offer bathtubs and surrounding tiles refinishing, kitchen cabinets refinishing, and stone coating countertops. Our use of the latest equipment and technology and attention to detail provides the most exceptional look and finish.

Our core values encompass commitment to innovation and excellence to ensure to deliver the best.

Our team of skilled workers guarantee a seamless process and are willing to go out of their way to promise a smooth consumer experience. Zillo Refinishing has made a broad customer base through its unique and quality products and services. We are a responsible and reliable company that stands behind everything with a five-year warranty.