Vast Experience & Premium Craftsmanship
At Zillo Refinishing, we are determined to give you a well-maintained space with the best look and finish. We have profound respect and value for our clients and cooperate with them during the whole process. Zillo Refinishing caters to all types of properties and provides facilities including bathtubs and surrounding tiles refinishing, kitchen cabinets refinishing, and stone coating countertops.

Refinish Bathtubs & Surrounding Tile
Refinishing your tubs and tiles to extend their life is what we are best at! You can get rid of all the leaking and moisture problems of your bathrooms, and say goodbye to damaged and dirty tiles, and grout and caulk.

We inspect elements of your bathroom and provide clear options in choosing to refinish. Regardless of the situation you’re facing, we make a commitment to fix all the tiles and tubs problems by covering all the necessary aspects. Whether it’s porcelain or ceramic, smeared or scratched, all your bathtubs will receive beautiful refinishing getting a neat and clean look.

Refinish Kitchen Cabinets
You love your cabinets, but they are old and worn out, they might be in good shape, but colors are faded – and that’s the best time to call Zillo Refinishing! Refinishing is essential for cabinets to keep their look as good as new in an affordable way. Zillo Refinishing services can add a totally new and appealing look to your kitchen and prolong the life of your cabinets. We perform our tasks faster, better, and smoothly. Zillo Refinishing will perform the job in a way that one won’t be able to tell whether they are new or refinished!

With Zillo Refinishing on board, you can get your kitchen looking bigger, modern, and as good as new without spending thousands.

Stone Coating Countertops
Having scratches, burn marks, or chips is normal on countertops. Zillo Refinishing provides a flawless job on countertops that precisely suit the space. Our abilities in providing stone coating counters enable effortless coordination with your overall stylistic theme with further enhancements. It can be obtained in multiple colors to coordinate with any style or theme. Choosing stone coating countertops is an excellent way to reestablish a well-used or harmed countertop to a new condition without substitution. We prepare it by applying a new stone coating that brings a lavish style to the surroundings.

If you like our services, contact us for any unfinished work, and we will do it smoothly and professionally.